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Save big on your hosting bills with FREE web hosting

With every website you get a custom domain name (, which serves as your website's unique name in the world wide web. Domain name has got a lot of prominence in terms of web design and search engine optimization. It's your practice, and you choose how you want your domain name to be!

What's an ideal domain for your practice?

Selecting the name of your practice as the domain name of your website is the most traditional and widely implemented way.

However, the search engine optimizers have other views! If you are keen on using internet marketing as a powerful tool, there are the other things you should think about while selecting a domain name.

People normally tend to use some general keywords while searching for a practice in the internet. Let's say a Texas resident is looking for a new dentist. He or she normally opens Google to search for “Texas dentist”, or “Best Texas dentist” etc to find a dentist. Websites with domain names with above keywords normally displayed at the top, and the respective doctors take the huge advantage!

Confused about picking the right domain? Don't worry! The team at Unilife is always there to help you.

Web Hosting

We host your website on top quality servers. A lot of web designing companies either leave the web hosting thing on you, or charge you with additional web hosting fee. Yes, professional web hosting is not so cheap, but still, Unilife is happy to offer you the high quality web hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee.