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Get Unilife Protection, and Have Peace of Mind


1) Do a healthcare professional need a website?

In order to keep up with the ever increasing technology, which is allowing people to find doctors and hospitals through the internet, you have to have a website not just to attract the new patients; but also to provide a better communication platform for the existing patients.

2) Are you going to design a custom website for me?

Yes, you will get a custom website as per the requirements. All the information, images and other online services on the website are exclusively meant for your practice. Besides selecting from a wide range of templates we offer, you can also ask for a completely custom website that’s built from the scratch.

3) Can I choose the domain name for my website?

Yes, of course! It’s your website and your domain name. So you can tell us what domain name you would like to have for your website.

4) What is search engine optimization and how can it help me?

Search engine optimization is a process of making your website more visible in search engines like Google. A professionally optimized site will attract new patients tens of times higher than the ordinary ones.

5) What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the newest trend in the area of internet marketing which deals with the promotion a business through the social media. With millions of people across the globe connected with one and other through the social networking sites, a perfect social media marketing plan can precisely connect your practice to the target audience.


1) What is online reputation?

The online testimonials, ratings and reviews of a practice, business or a product will often play a significant role in their success or failure. Online reputation is not so dissimilar to the regular reputation, but has a greater ability to influence the people beyond your community.

2) How can online reviews and ratings help me?

If you have five star ratings in the internet for your practice, you are more likely to attract new patients than the doctors who didn’t have.

3) In what sites does the ratings and my patient testimonials appear?

All the five star ratings, positive reviews and testimonials will appear on,, and, which are top sites for the doctor ratings and reviews.

4) Do I get positive reviews and five star ratings like other doctors?

Yes, and only the five star ratings and super positive testimonials!

5) I already have negative reviews in the internet, can UniLife help me?

Yes we can! We know how to tackle negative feedback and offending reviews.


1. How does UniLife protect my practice?

UniLife will protect your practice by a) facilitating your employees be compliant on OSHA and other regulation b) arranging a certified trainer to provide training in your office or via online, should you need one

2. Can UniLife customize training for my practice?

UniLife will develop training/review material by state. However, should you need a custom one for your practice we can develop one exclusively for you.

3. What will I do when a regulator visits my office?

All you have to do is show him/her the regulatory training undergone by your office for the period in question by logging into your account online with us or if needed by printing the reports (besides of course the certifications your staff has for OSHA etc. given by the licensed trainers)

4. What if my practice is found to be in violation of certain regulation?

UniLife will fight for you with the support of all the compliance reviews done by you and your staff.

5. What if I am fined by a regulator?

Unilife will cover your expenses for fighting the issue or even pay the fine if you are in a plan that has this coverage.


1) What is UniLife Gold plan?

It’s the basic package for the doctors which offers a fully customized website along with the search engine optimization. The basic yet feature rich plan is ideal for the small and growing practices.

2) What is UniLife Diamond plan?

Diamond plan comes with a powerful combination of online presence and online reputation. Diamond pack offers not just the website design and search engine optimization service, but also the ‘hard to find’ online reputation service!

3) What is UniLife Platinum plan?

In addition to the website design and online reputation services, As a UniLife Platinum member, you will have the access to the exclusive practice protection services that keep your practice in compliance with the ever changing regulators.

4) What plan is ideal for me?

If you are not sure about it, please talk to us. One of our employees can help you to pick the right plan for your practice.

5) Can I have any other customized plans?

Though we offer only the above three plans at this moment, we still welcome your views on the plan customization.


1) What is Unilife and who runs it?

UniLife is founded and run by healthcare professionals to serve healthcare community in the areas of facilitation of regulatory compliance, online prominence and reputation protection online.

2) Where is Unilife located?

UniLife has corporate head quarters in Redwood City, CA. However, the sales people are spread all over the US. Just call the office and one of our sales persons will stop by.

3) Is Unilife a registered company?

UniLife is registered in California but can provide services all over the United States.

4) Is Unilife affiliated with review based websites like

No. But all these sites are bound by rules on ethics and any authentic review written by a customer/patient must be published by these ratings websites.

5) Do you use licensed material (like pictures) in website design?

ALL the material used is licensed and you will never ever be liable for illicit usage of licensed material.