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Your Investment Will be Multiplied in No Time

It's the dynamic internet marketing package that fulfills your marketing requirements, and helps your practice to get a wider reach. Sign up for Platinum plan, and watch your practice grow. Get five star ratings, positive reviews, testimonials and be a highly recommended doctor!

Platinum Plan Features

Custom website: A website of your own, representing your practice in the internet, will be developed, hosted and maintained by Unilife. Learn more

Custom domain name: Unilife provides a unique domain name of your choice. Confused about picking right domain name? Don't worry, we will help you! Learn more

Search engine optimization: Unilife is proud to provide the all important search engine optimization service, which normally features only in the advanced plans! Click here to know how SEO (Search engine optimization) can boost your profits.

Free webhosting: All the Gold plan members will get high quality hosting for their website at no additional cost. No monthly bills and no maintenance charges! It's free and it's professional. Learn more

Online reputation enhancement: Internet is the best place to find new patients. When you have a good online reputation, you automatically attract a lot of potential patients. It sounds simple, but it isn't that easy to make most from the internet. Unilife works out many internet marketing and advertising strategies to give your practice the fame it needed. Learn more

Five star ratings: Be it low ratings or no ratings! With Unilife on your side, it's five star ratings internet-wide! Where ever your practice is listed in the internet, Unilife makes sure it gets the five star ratings. Learn more

Positive patient reviews: Get listed as a top doctor in the websites like, and Millions of people use those sites to find the doctors, to check the reputation of them. A doctor with positive reviews will attract 10 times more patients than the one without the reviews. Learn more

Negative feedback monitoring: With all the positives, there are some negative sides of the internet too. With so much of freedom for the people to express their opinions freely, some of the doctors might get negative reviews or feedback. Some of them can be offending and can impact the success of your practice in a big way.

By partnering with Unilife, you are assured that your online presence is safe, secure and free from all the unwanted reviews and low ratings. Team Unilife will continuously monitor your online presence, and will not let any negative thing taking its effect. Learn more